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Project Profile: Historic Facade Restoration

Updated: 4 days ago

historic building facade preservation

The Overview

Located in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, a prominent government building’s façade had significant staining due to deferred cleaning. As the building is 85 years old with a façade comprised of granite, brick, and EIFS, it needed to be cleaned with the utmost level of care. Scottie’s Building Services (Scottie’s) was awarded the project due to our previous success cleaning other historic buildings owned by the client.  

The building façade embodies approximately 25,000 sq. ft. of granite, 22,000 sq. ft. of brick, and 3,500 sq. ft. of EIFS. The Scottie's team created a bespoke plan to clean the façade by proposing proprietary methodologies factoring in the age of the building and its downtown location. Scottie’s knew the biggest challenge would be protecting the historic government building while it underwent gentle, yet effective cleaning methods. 

Facade cleaning test spot
Our team applied a test spot prior to executing work on the entire façade
Facade cleaning in progress
Work in progress highlighting rust and debris removal at the bottom

The Solution

After performing a test spot, the proposed solution was executed, and the restoration was performed for the entire outer façade of the building. To mitigate risk to the public, Scottie’s used their permit with the City of Raleigh and proper signage to close sections of the sidewalk while working. As an extra precaution, the team reserved and blocked off street parking spaces next to the sidewalk where work was underway, ensuring vehicles wouldn't park there and risk damage. 

Ultimately, the project took three weeks to complete, and the client was thrilled with the vibrant results, which included removal of rust, mold, dirt, and debris. Moreover, the client was able to use before and after photos in a presentation to demonstrate the project's success to internal team members. 



  • Historic façade preservation 

Facade cleaning historic building
Work in progress with the restored building façade on the right
Historic building facade restoration
Building entrance showcasing vivid contrast with restored façade on the right

Protect your property with a single-source solution for all your façade restoration needs. Our tailored solutions meet your specific requirements, budget, and timeline. Request a quote here or contact us at 800.524.4643.


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