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Routine maintenance helps protect your facility’s aesthetic value while defending your capital investment from damage and deterioration. At Scottie’s, we approach every project as your partner in protecting your property’s value.


We understand that budgeting and scheduling work can be a challenge. At Scottie’s, we’re committed to streamlining a cleaning program that fits within your budget and ensures minimal disruption. Whether you prefer to schedule and budget maintenance well ahead of time or want more flexibility, we’ll always respond to your needs.


SINCE 1986



Scottie’s recommends establishing a semi-annual window cleaning maintenance schedule. Without regular maintenance, windows will collect dirt resulting in loss of transparency, pigmented spots, and decreased asset value. Surface dirt buildup will eventually cause micro-cracks and scratches to the glass. Over time minerals and mold in the micro-cracks will gradually destroy the glass, resulting in costly restoration or even replacement.


Avoid costly restoration and repairs and contact us today to set up a regular window cleaning maintenance schedule that works for you. We are experts in high-rise and low-rise window cleaning; our trained technicians have the experience to handle even the most unique circumstances safely and effectively. 



Scottie’s uses the latest in pressure washing technology to bring new life to exterior surfaces. We offer treatment with or without chemical injection as well as hot pressure washing. Our pressure washing service removes dirt, grease, oil, black rundown, mold, mildew, algae stains, rust, graffiti, chewing gum, and other stubborn stains associated with age and atmospheric pollution. Call us to pressure wash: sidewalks, curbing, retaining walls, facades, parking decks, loading dock, dumpster/trash pads, awnings, roof membrane, patio furniture, and any other exterior feature.



Our parking deck cleaning enhances the life cycle of your deck by removing harmful elements (dirt, carbon dust, mold, mildew, oil, and gum) and potentially mitigating costly structural repairs. We have pressure washing equipment, scrubber-equipped vehicles with built-in and multi-stage water recycling systems, cleaning products and the experience to get the job done right the first time, safely and within budget. We provide service in accordance with requirements set by the EPA as it relates to the Clean Water Act as well as local and state regulations. 



Scottie's sweeping services will remove surface dirt and loose debris from any flat drivable surface. Sweeping has many benefits:

  • Extends the life of asphalt and concrete surfaces by removing abrasive materials

  • Reduces the amount of material tracked indoors by foot traffic

  • Reduces potential slip & fall hazards  

  • Reduces the number of pollutants washed in storm drains



Glass restoration improves the integrity and aesthetic of your glass and windows. Over time, mineral deposits become deeply embedded into pores of the glass. The main contributors are atmospheric pollutants, mineral-laden runoff water from unsealed facades, misguided irrigation, and deferred window cleaning maintenance. These mineral deposits cause staining, clouding, and eventually etching of the glass that can’t be removed by regular window cleaning. We have designed this service to not only treat but prevent mineral deposit staining by addressing underlying causes. We can tailor this service to meet your building's needs and budget.



Scottie’s metal maintenance services will keep your exterior metal elements clean and pristine, making a great impression on tenants and visitors while protecting the owner’s investment. If neglected, exterior metal surfaces are susceptible to pitting and oxidizing caused by atmospheric pollution and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. We can remove years of damaging residue from the anodized aluminum frames and anodic finished panels with specialized metal cleaning compounds that also leave a protective sealer. 



Scottie’s industrial cleaning and high dusting services are utilized when the project exceeds the capabilities of typical janitorial services. We are specialists in:

  • Cleaning hard-to-reach areas, including pipes, beams and rafters of school gyms, fitness centers, restaurants, manufacturing, and industrial plants

  • Cleaning and preparing production facilities for FDA inspections, where dust-free environments are essential

  • Servicing energy plants where chiller pipes and ductwork need to be kept in clean condition

Depending on the facility’s environment and budget, our technicians will provide a combination of professional blowdown, vacuuming, wet wipe, and dusting with specialized micro-fiber towels. Scottie’s Specialty Services technicians are trained to deal with unique situations and facilities safely and efficiently. 



Scottie’s partners with general contractors on post-construction cleaning projects to thoroughly remove normal construction debris from all exterior surfaces, including, but not limited to: glass, frames, metal panels, precast facades, sidewalks, roof membranes and parking decks. Our Specialty Services technicians remove debris per GANA standards safely and efficiently as we prepare your building for final delivery to owners. 



Target high-traffic areas to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. Regular disinfection of touch-point areas not only keeps areas clean and disinfected but also provides peace of mind to customers and employees with little to no disruption to daily operations. Our treatment includes wiping down and disinfecting with EPA registered products: benches, railings, door handles, trash cans, tables, exterior windows, entranceways, sidewalks, and any other high-traffic area. 

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